Spiritual counselling

Since I was very young I was always looking for the meaning of things, working out how they connected. An only child, growing up in rural Northumberland, with Presbyterian parents, I had to find my own fun and relied on nature and books and imaginary friends a plenty to nourish me. Luckily today I have friends who are real (!)  but nature and books are still an integral part of my life.

As a young adult I taught myself about other religions and belief systems intrigued in turns by animism, prehistoric beliefs, Hinduism, and more latterly spending many years absorbed in Tibetan Buddhism and learning about druidry and shamanism. I have come in time to understand that for me, learning from and being in nature, and being open to the wisdom of those that have gone before sustains and nourishes me.
What that translates to in daily life is spending time in nature every day – even if it is just 10 minutes in the garden checking the plants; nature based mediations; connecting with the elements in a more visceral way now and again by wild swimming and surfing; noticing the passing of the seasons; bearing in mind that nothing physical endures and that death is inevitable; visiting prehistoric sacred sites to connect with a sense of story over millennia, and the often very beautiful locations the ancestors chose for their monuments.

I am always delighted to help people work out gnarls and knots regarding their connection with the bigger picture, whatever their flavour of spirituality or religion or aetheism. I have worked with people of many different faiths, and many who are working things out for themselves.

This can be stand alone work – the sole reason for your counselling – or it can be woven into your therapy.

Fees as for Classic Counselling