What I Offer

That we exist is awe inspiring. The beauty and complexity of the whole of life is incredible to me, from the tiniest flower to the vast night skies. I love that humans throughout our evolution have tried to capture, explain and honour this in music, writing, art, and monuments.

But when things are tough for us on a daily basis it is easy to lose sight of that epic existence and instead become enmeshed in our memories, worries, sadness, loss of identity or purpose.

I hope, in my work, to reconnect people to what they have lost, be that peace; purpose; connection with self, others, the wider world; or lost creativity and inspiration.

I do this by encouraging people to have a sense of solidity, to act with integrity, to seek meaningful connection and to honour who they are at their core.

Pretty words. But how does this work in practise?

Sense of solidity

  • By witnessing a person’s life stories and the thoughts and feelings that someone brings
  • By using age-old, effective techniques like meditation which are proven to help people
    connect to feel more “real”
  • By holding a bigger perspective of the time and place in which we find ourselves,
    intergenerational patterns and history to give context to current difficulties
  • By keeping up to date with current research

Acting with integrity

By helping people draw out what is important to them in life, ethically and morally and encouraging them to find ways to live life according to these beliefs

By modelling integrity in my own life and work

Seeking meaningful connection

By working on our inner connections between the various parts (or aspects) of ourselves we also understand our external connections more fully. And when we understand our connections to Self and others better then we can find it easier to make bigger connections to the world we live in

The connection between therapist and client is an important part of this work and always at the forefront of my work.

Being who you need to be

This idea can be fraught with difficulties for us, often with inner and outer voices of judgement accompanying it. When we can honour our true nature (Self) wonderful things can happen, releasing creativity, compassion, confidence and energy. I love to see clients stepping into their own self and leading a life that is full of meaning for them.

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