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Anam Training

CPD for the Soul

Pam and Jane have been offering training to counsellors for many years, individually and together. We have decided to honour and recognise our work together and we are now going by the name “Anam Training – CPD for the Soul”, Anam being the Celtic for Soul.

We love creating and offering spaces for therapists to explore important concepts in nurturing and inspiring ways. We feel there is a real need for these kinds of spaces and are passionate about delivering these trainings.

We both qualified as counsellors in 2014, having trained in the Integrative Relational model. We have private practices and have worked in a variety of settings such as Mind, TIC, The Priory, EAPs, Cotswold Counselling, and local universities and secondary schools. We have facilitated a variety of trainings in addition to the what we are currently offering and are both comfortable and confident facilitators.

If you would like us to deliver these CPDs to your setting, in person or online, please do get in touch. We are happy to consider adapting them to meet the needs of your organisation.

Our fees are negotiable based on number of participants and type of organisation.

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Pam and Jane

Current CPD Trainings

Integrating Spirituality and Soul into your Practice

 November 2023 – April 2024

For many therapists, spirituality and soul remains well hidden within the therapy room.  There can almost be a fear, a hesitation, in bringing it into the room.

Fear of being different, being seen as a bit “woo woo” or ‘too esoteric’ can consciously or sub-consciously stop us bringing this into our practice.

We are offering you a space to explore what “Integrating Spirituality and Soul” means to you…

  • What is lost when we avoid bringing it into the room?
  • Do we adapt the language we use with our clients to keep spirituality and soul hidden?
  • Is this being congruent?

Are any of these questions resonating with you?

If so, this is your official invite to our Advanced Training.

Who is this training for?

Qualified or student Counsellors, psychotherapists and coaches who wish to integrate spirituality and soul into their practice. Maximum 16 attendees.

What does this Advanced Training include?

  • 6 x facilitator led days, one Saturday per month
  • Small-group peer supervision each month
  • An hour 1:1 tutorial with Jane or Pam at a point in the course that feels right to you
  • Certificate in Advanced Training
  • 36 CPD hours

Dates / time: 9.30am – 4pm

11­th November 2023

9th December 2023

13th January 2023

10th February 2023

16th March 2023

13th April 2023

Method of delivery

Online via Zoom – teaching sessions recorded; group confidentiality will be discussed. Through discussion, experience & exercises you will gain awareness of how to integrate this into your practice in a way that enhances the client therapist relationship and brings a richness to the therapy.


£360 if booked before 31st October 2023.

After that the price will be £460.

£60 deposit secures your place. This deposit is non-refundable should you subsequently choose not to go ahead with the course. Full payment will be required at the start of course. But please contact us if this is a barrier to you joining.

This is a one-time offer; the fees have been kept very low as this is the first cohort to run with this advanced training. Feedback will be required after each module and at the end of the course.

We are not going to teach you about spirituality, we are going to facilitate space for you to discover what it means to you.

Modules will include:

  • Exploring what spirituality and soul means to us
  • Explore how to authentically integrate our spiritual beliefs into the work
  • Working with client’s spirituality
  • Discuss challenges in working with spirituality including personal and professional ethics and the “shadow” side of spirituality
  • Differences between spirituality, religion and faith

And other fascinating topics!

Entry requirements

Be a student or a qualified counsellor,  psychotherapist, coach of a level 4 qualification or above.

If you would like any further information or interested in applying, please contact us at anamcpd@googlemail.com for an initial zoom call to make sure the course is a good fit before committing.

Room for Capacity

We are excited to be offering this unique CPD – the focus is on our capacity as therapists and the direct effect of this on our clients. We are offering an experiential, insightful day exploring the concept of “capacity”. Through group reflection, visualisations and meditations we will offer space for you to discover:

  • what your ‘capacity comfort zone ‘ feels and looks like
  • what impacts your capacity to hold space for your clients
  • what erodes and expands your capacity
  • what are the signs we are reaching our capacity or beyond it?
  • tools and concepts that can be used with clients

The concept of this workshop was borne from many years together in a peer supervision group grappling with our own capacity in the face of many and various events in our private lives. We know that our capacity has a direct impact on the work we do with clients: the depth we can go to is directly related to where we are in relation to ourselves and our own capacity. We committed to exploring how to work ethically and effectively with the ebb and flow of our life and the effect of this on our clients.

The training is a mix of facilitated group discussion drawing on collective wisdom, exploration in small groups, guided meditations and visualisations. As well as being a cognitive examination of what capacity means for you, it will also be a nourishing day for all and a chance to sink a little deeper into our relationship with ourselves.

Of course, capacity is something we can discuss in supervision but there is something special about sharing wisdom on this topic in a group.

This training is for any counsellor / psychotherapist whether in training or in an established practice. Wherever we are on our journey we can benefit from taking time to look at what we hold and if that is OK for us.

Introduction to  Integrating Spirituality and Soul into your Practice

(1 day)

This workshop is actually a prelude to our longer training but works as a standalone session. (Integrating Spirituality and Soul into your Practice, see above for further details).

Its aims are to:

  • Explore what spirituality means to us
  • Discover how to honour clients’ spirituality
  • Explore how to authentically integrate our spiritual beliefs into the work

Although there is some direct teaching and input it is designed as a day to deepen our personal awareness of these topics, and gently challenge our comfort zones. This will be done with mediation, group and pair discussions and personal reflection.

Again, everyone is welcome on this training, wherever they are in their career as a therapist.

You can contact us at anamcpd@googlemail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


I am passionate about educating therapists on working with neurodivergent clients and have presented several times on this topic.

Please contact me for more information.


This is an overlooked topic and Pam Gilvear ( https://www.lighthouse-therapies.co.uk/) and myself have devised a workshop we call “Room for Capacity”.

It’s a CPD with a difference – with the focus on YOU the practitioner, but always bearing the client in mind.

It offers a reflective space for a deep dive into this little discussed but fundamental concept.

Through group reflection, visualisations / meditations we will offer space for you to discover:

  • what your ‘capacity comfort zone ‘ feels and looks like
  • what impacts your capacity to hold space for your clients
  • what expands your capacity
  • the fundamental difference between availability versus capacity

Whether you’re feeling stretched currently or you would like a reflective space to review your private practice / work commitments this space will offer you just that.

Jane and Pam bring 18 years combined experience as qualified counsellors working in private practice and various settings. This CPD is aimed at counsellors &  psychotherapists, but can also be delivered to anyone juggling the demands of running their own business alongside life!

To find out the next date or to arrange for this to be delivered within your organisation please contact me to discuss.

Other topics

If there is a training you require and think, from what you know of me and this website, that I might be able to help, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Empowerment Coach, Counsellor & Reiki Master Teacher


0771 301 8264


Empowerment Coach, Counsellor & Reiki Master Teacher

0771 301 8264