My work with adults 

I aim to create a space where you feel able to look at your difficulties whilst feeling safe. Sometimes just being able to talk things through without fear of being judged is enough to make things better. 
We'll do this at a pace that suits you. I may ask questions, get you to consider aspects of the issue you hadn't thought of and I use different techniques to do this - talking, art (although I am no artist myself!) quiet contemplation. However, YOU are always in charge and don't ever need to answer a question or go along with a suggestion.
My training is as an Integrative counsellor. This means I have studied Person Centred, Gestalt and Psychodynamic and use the best mix of these to suit the client. I am a qualified IFS Level 1 Practitioner. I have a strong interest in Jung and Buddhism and therefore am very pleased to help you explore faith and spirit, and the "bigger questions" in life. I am equally happy to work on resolving daily personal issues - relationships, stress and anxiety, grief and many other issues. Please do contact me if you have a specific issue I have not mentioned.
I have had a long training in meditation and where appropriate am happy to share this with clients. Meditation can challenge, soothe, nurture, support, inspire and integrate.
I love to be outdoors, swimming, walking, doing yoga on a beach... I believe Nature is a powerful therapist in her own right. I am always happy to work with therapy outside. This involves "Walk and Talk" therapy which takes talking outdoors, but also more nature based therapy where we use our relationship with nature to explore and heal. Please contact me if you are curious!
Having trained as a celebrant I am well aware of the power of ceremony and ritual and am always happy to see how we can integrate these symbolic elements into our work together.